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We are a Newark, NJ based 501c3 nonprofit cat rescue organization. We have partnered with PetSmart Charities and we currently use the habitats and Adoption Center in the Millburn PetSmart location. Our cats can also be found on Petfinder. Like all nonprofit organizations we developed entirely out of need. Anyone who lives in Newark understands the need to reduce the street cat population. 
We believe in a good quality of life for everyone in a community and getting unwanted cats off the streets helps everyone in the community - individuals, families, local businesses, government as well as the cats themselves. If we reduce the number of cats outside through rescue and TNR we are providing a much needed service at no direct cost to anyone. We do, however, rely on donations to do this as do all nonprofit organizations. On our page you can find ways to help us help you - the community.  Please consider donating, adding us on Amazon smile as your choice charity and give back without paying anything out of pocket; order a Tshirt or order supplies from our Amazon wish list by clicking the link or donate buttons below. We will also be updating our fundraiser page as we hold events so be sure to check back to see how you can be a part of helping your own community. Thank you!


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King Cole was one of thousands of abandoned pets put out on the streets of Newark to fend for themselves. These cats become homeless through no fault of their own. They are tossed into dangerous situations when people decide they no longer want them. Imagine being so frozen with fear for weeks until you are so hungry and thirsty that you risk everything to go and find something just to survive, but often fail.  Even if a cat does find a scrap on the ground or in the garbage or manages to drink from a dirty water puddle, he then has to  try to find someplace safe to sleep which is just about impossible. And while that cat is searching for all of these things bear in mind there are many more out there competing for the same resources. Or the male cats fight over the female cats, which is how cats like Cole end up badly battered and in life-threatening situations.

When Cole was first trapped for TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return),by Barbara, he behaved like a feral so he was going to be returned if he recovered from his injuries. His face was blown up with infection from bite wounds and abscesses and he was close to sepsis. He was given antibiotics for a long time for the infection, neutered, and vaccinated. He was also tested for FIV/FELV and was FIV positive  (feline immunodeficiency virus). FIV makes cats more susceptible to illness, but FIV+ cats can lead long, healthy lives. FIV is only spread through deep puncture wounds (biting), not food, water or litterbox sharing. Fighting is more common among cats that aren't spayed and neutered and during these fights, many die from running into a busy street, a backyard with a dog or succumbing to infection from wounds. This was the harsh reality for Cole and it remains so for all street cats. Cole fought for many years and managed to rule his territory, hence the name King was added to his moniker (given to him by someone who loved him dearly - his foster) and it fit perfectly. Luckily, Cole decided to let his guard down while he was being nursed back to health and made it known that he was a friendly cat. In most cases, that means he was once someone's pet. 


Things were finally looking up for Cole. He was initially fostered by his rescuer until he got better and then he went on to be fostered by someone who also adored him. He was a lovable, grumpy old man, estimated to be about 13-15. Together, his people found Cole an amazing forever home. Everyone was so excited that he could finally settle in and live a life of comfort, with nothing but love for the remainder of his years.  Unfortunately, his happily ever after was cut short when his health began to deteriorate rapidly. As a result of his medical prognosis and careful consideration of the veterinarian's advice, it was determined that the best thing for our King Cole was to humanely help him cross over.


Cole is the face of the many cats who are abandoned and left to survive the harsh, cruel streets on their own. Neither he nor they deserve to be treated like trash. It was our privilege to meet King Cole and we are grateful for every second we had with him. Cole lived his final days surrounded by love and was given a peace most throwaway and feral cats never get. Right now, so many poor souls are out there struggling to survive and waiting to be saved. Cole's voice, unheard for far too long, lives on in the cries of the others and will never again be silenced. With your help, we can hear them and we shall rescue them...IN HONOR of OUR KING COLE.

Check out some of Barbara's hard work in the videos below!


Background of Brick City Kitties 

BCKR (Brick City Kitties Rescue) of Newark, New Jersey is the first Newark-based 501c3 nonprofit cat rescue.  This rescue primarily gets abandoned and dumped pet/stray cats off of the City streets. Barbara Carney is the Founder and President. She chose the name "Brick City" because it stands for Newark (the city where she resides and rescues) but the initials "B. C" also stand for her name - Barbara Carney. She then created a logo and decided to start up her own rescue to expand her work through the help of fosters, volunteers and like minded friends who share her passion for helping the homeless and defenseless animals. Barbara's rescue reputation is in good standing primarily because she's transparent and always willing to lend a helping hand to fellow rescuers besides helping animals. Her friends, followers and supporters believe in and admire her hard work, long hours, and dedication to making lives better for the animals on the streets, so much that some have joined her in her efforts in 2022. Barbara had been saving, feeding and sheltering cats for decades and learned how to trap for TNR five years ago from a friend and fellow trapper/rescuer. This particular skill significantly increased Barbara's ability to help more cats.

Barbara is also a long time Newark resident. She has witnessed firsthand the needless suffering of cats in Newark and has chosen to do something about it. For years, she rescued and TNVR'd (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return) friendly and feral cats with the help of her friends and donors. Barbara also paid many expenses involved with caring for and getting cats off the streets of Newark out of her own pocket.  Barbara has answered calls, texts, tags and private messages on social media from not only the rescue community and shelters, but many Newark residents at all times of the day and night. These pleas for help asked her to remove unwanted cats and kittens and or to TNVR feral cats (the unadoptable cats) on people’s properties to stop the cats from multiplying. Many calls were for assistance in getting pets spayed and neutered for low income residents.

Rescue and TNVR reduces the cat population and it reduces the nuisance complaints a city and animal control receive about cats. Not everyone likes cats or their mating behaviors (spraying, fighting) and that's ok. But we all can agree that they shouldn't be on the streets if they don't have to be and the ones that are not adoptable should not be reproducing.  Brick City Kitties Rescue's goal is to continue Barbara’s efforts but on a larger scale and in a different capacity with the help of donors and volunteers. Rescue and TNVR is the most effective and humane approach to reduce cat overpopulation and the suffering of animals born or thrown into this unfortunate situation. It also reduces shelter overcrowding and euthanasia due to space. Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on the help of donors and volunteers to rescue and TNVR on greater levels.


TNVR leads to rescue because when we trap cats we find out that some are adoptable and cannot be returned to the streets.  TNVR has proven to have a significant positive impact both on the lives of the cats and the residents in towns and cities across the nation. With the help of volunteers/fosters (people willing to temporarily take in a cat or two under BCKR) while we get the cat(s) adoption ready (spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested etc.), more lives can be saved. This is a win-win for everyone in the community (cats, cat lovers, and even people who don't like cats). 

How can YOU help?


In a community, everyone should be willing to lend a helping hand to make things better and so many of you are. There are many ways to assist. It's up to you which works for you. Volunteering for BCKR includes transporting cats to the vet, fostering cats, trapping for TNVR and/or holding for 1-3 day recovery period before returning the ferals. BCKR is also looking for colony caretakers: people willing to properly feed, clean up after,  and place shelters for TNVR’d ferals to live out their lives. Providing food keeps them out of garbage cans and diseases at bay. Winter shelters keeps cats away from human shelters (sheds, garages, porches, basements, under hood of cars, abandoned houses, etc.). These cats are already there (and new ones are being abandoned regularly). Sterilization stops them from reproducing and vaccinating them against diseases protects them and us. These calculated efforts not only reduce animal suffering, but also address resident concerns about cats hanging around.


BCK Rescue is committed to having a positive presence and impact on the community, including all of its members, animals and humans alike.  There are many worthy causes to get involved with to improve the quality of life and this one is ours. Contact the rescue for more information on how you can help us help your community. Donations of time and money are greatly appreciated and allow us to do what we do. For those too busy to volunteer, please consider a monetary contribution. The scale of what this rescue can accomplish depends on the assistance, volunteers, donations and funding the rescue receives.  It doesn’t matter whether you donate to help the animals or the community; everything BCK Rescue receives will be put to good use and Barbara and her team simply cannot do this without you. 

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Barbara Carney

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