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Our Fundraisers

Please consider ordering one of our T-shirts by clicking the T-shirt below. All proceeds go to help us continue our work to reduce the unwanted cat population and the unnecessary suffering associated with it. It's a cool way to donate and get something nice and practical  in return.

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All proceeds go towards TNR and fully vetting abandoned cats on the streets so that they can get homes. Funding also helps us help cats that have medical needs due to being injured, hit by a car, sick etc. We cannot help the animals and the community by ourselves we need support from the community. Fundraising events are a good way to give back to the community of which you live and or help a charitable organization that provides a valuable service to your community and it's animals. We thank you all in advance for helping us help you and the animals. We look forward to seeing you there and having an opportunity to address any questions or concerns about what it is that we do. This is an inexpensive event and a good opportunity to spend time with family and friends...

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